Gigi Marian Osolos - General Director

For me life is simple and I think that without passion you cannot call it that way ... because, "If it isn't love, there is nothing'.

So, besides a deep love for the arts in general and music and dance in particular I had always had different hobbies which made my life even more beautiful and brought me comfort in the hardest times.

I started drawing since I was young, I enjoyed to read a lot, I have a passion for wood and sometimes I crave. I collect music discs, stamps, coins and curiosities, art objects, especially wood ... and I am fascinated by all the vintage things.

I know they all have a price and that education in general is expensive ... but if it costs that much as you have noticed, then: "which is the price of the lack of education?"

Therefore I continued to go down this road constantly and I got into this position with no intention or interest in any social recognition. With everything that I represent and that I have learned I became directly available to all those who have felt attracted by the same things in life and by the same idea, considering this as a simple way of living.

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