Total Performance Crew

MEGA TOTAL FAMILY is a performance Street Dance team by Total Dance Center. It consists of dancers aged between 10 and 22 years, who dedicates much of their time to this passion.

Being primarily united by the passion for dance, and by the results in competitions, they have managed so far to give rise to new projects (performances, flash mobs) mostly based on contemporary life, the aim being to reach the public in a positive way and developing a better way of themselves.

Although they are a young team, for them dancing is not just a way to create beautiful moments, but a way of expressing profound ideas, and also a way to share … What?

" A healthy mind in a healthy body!"

Based on the saying "The performance begins when you cannot" they know that success comes when both body and mind are trained and developed day by day. So in addition to physical preparation, there is also a mental training without whom nothing that is performed would not have been possible.

Part of their purpose is the idea of ??being a good example for the generation to which they belong and to support and promote culture among dancing.

In other words, they are willing to develop and achieve high goals and at the same time they are willing to achieve new challenges / opportunities.

Do you want to join them?

We regularly organize preselections at TDC among talented students in order to bring new members who want to be part of the team performance. Subsequently, after a trial period of one month, if you have all the skills and requirements needed for this level you will have the opportunity to join the Mega Total Family.

         Awards to date:

Second Place - Hip Hop International 2016

First Place - Dance Open Romania 2014

Second Place - ESDU World Croatia 2014

First Place - ESDU Romania 2014

Popularity Award - Next Star 2013

Second Place - Hip Hop International 2013

Trophy - Dance Open Romania 2013

First Place - Dance Open Romania 2013

First Place - Dance Open Romania 2012

First Place - Bucharest Schools Cup 2011

Trophy - Dance Open Romania 2011

IV Place - Hip Hop International 2011

Third Place - Black Sea Contest 2010

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