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"TOTAL DANCE SHOW" is a band of young dancers and professionals dance choreographers from the Center called Total Dance Center. With an experience of over 10 years and a high artistic level, with national credentials certified by the dancers and choreographers, we offer a unique show with a distinct note: authentic, exuberant and elegant.

We have a rich repertoire in styles to suit events of all kinds:New Year programme, Christmas parties, wedding parties, christening parties, parties, corporate events, tv shows, collaborations with fashion shows artists, dances, videos, plus receptions, anniversaries, private parties, cocktail party, conferences, team bulding sites, congress meetings, celebrations.
We create and choreographers to request any theme or style of dance.

We are looking forword to receiving collaborations from you, according to our personal needs and requirements.


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#BAND (6 dance)

There are three ways of the development of the artistic program of the band:

As an independent show, lasting 15-20 minutes, with four group dances, duets and solos, intertwined, all on a particular style of dance to the customer. The artistic moment ends with an interactive public dance.
There are 3 ways perfermed as a group dancer + interactive public dance, performed separately on different dance styles to the customer. The total duration is 30 minutes, since the breaks between dances necessary for changing the costumes.
A dance + public interaction for a total of six minutes.


2 styles of Latin dances with a total duration of 10 minutes.


+ A Dance presentation interactive with the audience, with a total duration between 7-10 minutes.


Three Fates + A Gift with a narrative story for children, with a total duration of 10 minutes.


3 narrative stories from the fate + baby + time + gift for trio bellydance with a total duration of 30 minutes.

      * For Artistic New Year's Eve program you must demand for a personalized offer which depends on the costumer's needs.

 *Special offer:

     #WEDDING DANCE + Professional Dance Show

     Wedding Dance Troupe Total Package + Dance Show - a dance + public interaction

     Wedding Dance Package + Latino Couple - one dance

     + Wedding Dance Package + Belly Dancer solo/ duo/ trio.


















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