TOTAL DANCE modern ballet was founded in 1983 in the House of Culture of Constanta and the Cenacle event by the soloist and master choreographer Gigi Marian Osolos under the guidance of Professor Eugen Doinaru.

TOTAL DANCE was a legend in the history of artistic dance freelanced until 1990 winning all the awards of the First Place at all the existing national competitions, participating in over 500 television shows and collaborating directly with the television. Between 1988-1989, its members have experienced the professional artistic experience being employed in the Lyric Theater of Constanta.

TOTAL DANCE worked with these personalities from the art world: Titus Munteanu, Mihai Tatulici - filmmakers T.V.; Adrian Enescu and Cornel Fugaru composers; actors George Mihaita and Radu Gheorghe; Holograf band; music singers Ramona Badescu, Loredana Groza, Cornelia Fugaru, Gabriel Cotabita, Adrian Daminescu, Stefan Banica Jr.

TOTAL DANCE has performed shows in the Polyvalent Hall and in the Small Theater in Bucharest, summer theater in Costinesti, Mamaia theater and the most important scenes of over 30 cities. It has held summer programs at Constanta Casino, ai the International Hotel in Sinaia and Union in Eforie.  Total Dance has participated in several editions of the Song Festival of Mamaia, respectively the Festival of Music and Dance in Costinesti and becoming multi-winners at the National Dance Festival in Pitesti, Iasi, Timisoara and Targu Mures.

In 1990, more than 40 TOTAL DANCE members, divided into various groups and stages and went with labor contracts in various Western countries, where they continued the activity until 2001.


In 2001 the Mentor of the "Total" movement has decided to reorganize the ballet with the same name, at a national level as Total Dance Groove.

Since September, the new form of ballet TDG, initially made up of young people between 10 and 17 years, has managed truly remarkable artistic results, working in parallel with choreography and with their vocal parts.

In autumn 2002 TDG team with the national team of aerobics led by Mrs. Cristiana Dutu, opened an applauded mini show the international gymnastics competition "Balkan" resumed later in the show of students and athletes in the Lyric Theater stage of Constanta.

In spring 2003 the group was invited to open the International Music Festival "Ti Amo" Onesti, where thd group received the title of guest of honor outside the competition.

In the summer of that year it held its first collaboration with the band Bomb Inc. Canada. A series of performances in various locations on the coast, along with Canadian singer Danny Bliss and instrumentalist and composer Marius Simiti have raised the artistic and creative whole group.

2004 begins with the participation in the program "the ace in the hand" made by Titus Munteanu, this is the first meeting of the group with the requirements of television. Refresher courses will assiduous in ballet technique under the guidance of Professor Delia Hantiu a great soloist of the world class ballet from "Oleg Danovski" theatre. Parallel group practice singing lessons and tools in institutions and in particular with different singers and teachers: Gabriela Radu Mariana Puscasu Mihaela Hasna and then Mr. Adrian Daminescu Traian frog.

In the summer of 2004 TDG has had performances in various seaside resorts with actor and singer Phil Rasta color close associate of Marky Mark (Mark Whalberg) Prince Ital Joe and New Kids on the Block; It was also the "surprise guest" at the festival "Days of Dej" and the TV show hosted by Tociu and Palade. The positive result of collaborations with artists from different continents, stressed their professional and spiritual maturity.

It follows a change in the group but intense vocal training performance and their drama skills, which determined some new numbers to a higher artistic level. Thus in spring 2005 TDG members have decided to participate in the contest of interpretation "Mamaia". Qualifying the preselection that took place in Bucharest on July 25 with the song "Tears" composed by Marius Simit, lyrics by Marius Baras, the 4 vocal soloists that meet the age condition have begun the rehearsals with the orchestra "Big Band" of the Romanian Radio.

Bomb Inc. or Rasta Phil and TDG end up the music festival "Days of Dej", participating in the TV show Neptune on the Tan-Tan terrace and at the variety of Summer shows from the Theater in Costinesti. They are also invited to the finals of "Miss seaside" TV by "Fashion TV". The explosive show conducted by TDG, with the Jamaican singer aroused interest and admiration of the guest of honor of that evening, the actor Steven Seagal, who wanted to know them and to congratulate them personally.

August 28, 2005 represents the participation of the group in a national competition and an important moment in their artistic life. The 9-member participants interpreted the first a vocal and a dance show, with a song of their own. The contest "Mamaia 2005" allowed this crew to be noticed nationally.


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