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Find out what it means to dance freely, to understand and live the dancehall and reggae music, and especially how to move on it. Dancehall site has grown lately extraordinary, both in music and in dance. It is an unmistakable style, well known worldwide that is winning more and more fans and followers. There is no party without dancehall, no on MTV without dancehall and YouTube-is simply full of dancehall choreographies. Why is this style so loved? Just because it focuses more on the feelings rather than on the techniques, and is accessible to all!



Your Trainers for Dancehall

"We love Dancehall's very much, not only for the dance style and for the genre of music, but especially for the peerless feeling that is forwarded throughout your body, for the joy and for the total freedom! Music itself simply raises the seat and the movements make you feel like you are partying for real ... that was the feeling that I felt for the first time I heard the rhythms of dancehall and practically we can say that: It Was Love at first ... step! We want to spread our knowledge (I studied with the international choreographers and dancers as ANDREY Boyko, LIL JAZZ, Daha ICE CREAM, LEDGEN SIR) and our passion for Dancehall is addictive”

Bianca Mirsu (Biby) & Ruxandra Timoasca (RUXI):


Dance Hall and Reggae Culture

It is a style originating in "ghetto" that comes from Jamaica suburbs. Dancehall is their dance, their lifestyle and most of Jamaicans are "fighting" for dancehall and for their culture to move forward, they are creating new steps every day and they support this concept wherever they go. Lately, Dancehall he began to increasingly grow on the global scale and, just because it is free, funny and it makes you relax and feel good.

Dancehall Superstars

Laure Courtellemont:
Andrey Boyko:
Camron One Shot :
Black Eaggle:
Blazin Girlz:
Dhq Fraules:





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