Cristian Daniel Osolos

U.N.A.T.C. I.L.Caragiale Bucharest
Masters Performing Arts
2010 - 2012
National University of Theatre and Cinematography I.L.Caragiale, Bucharest
Valedictorian - Performing Arts
2007 - 2010
June 2006 - Present - Artistic Director of Entertainment Younee
July 2003 - Present - National Theatre Ion Dacian Operetta Musical, Bucharest
2006-2012 - colabolator of the National Operetta Theatre Musical, Ion Dacian
- "Rebecca" (musical): the protagonist (dance, acting, singing) | Director: Attila Beres | Choreographer: Ákos Tihanyi
- "Maria de Buenos Aires" (Piazzola's tango operetta): as a dancer | director and choreographer Mario Radacovsky
- "Die Fledermaus" (operetta) role "Satyr" | Director: Razvan Dinca | Choreographer: Florin Fieroiu
- "Silvia" (operetta) Director: as a dancer | Miklos Gabor Kerenyi | choreographer György Gesler
- "Romeo & Juliet" (musical): as an interpreter | Director: Miklos Gabor Kerenyi | choreography: Eva Duda
- "Cabaret" (musical): role "Boby" | Director: Beatrice Rancea | Choreographer: Dana Serafimova
- "Bucharest - Broadway" (musical): as a dancer | Choreographer: Sergiu Anghel
- "Ball" (dance theater) as an interpreter | Director and choreographer: Yvette Boszik
January 1993 - Present - Dancer and choreographer as a freelancer
2012-2007 - collaborator U.N.A.T.C. I.L. Caragiale Bucharest
- "Carousel" (dance theater) - choreographer, director and performer
- "Nostalgia" (dance theater) - performer (dance, drama) | choreographer: Daniela Hasiade
- "Faceless faces" (contemporary dance theater) - choreographer, director and performer
- "Beyond Us" (contemporary) - Dancer | choreographer: Daniela Hasiade
- "Abyss" (contemporary dance theater) - Dancer | Choreographer: Galina Bobeicu
- "Alice in the Land of Lies" (dance theater) - role "March Hare" | Choreographer and director: Simona Deaconescu
2011-2012 - employee of the National Theater Alecsandri Iasi - "Bittersweet" (dance theater) -interpret | Director and choreographer: Yvette Boszik
2004-2007 - colabolator the National Theater of Opera and Ballet "Oleg Danovski" Constanta:
- "The Philosopher Mrozec M. Fox" - role "Cocosu" | Director: Paul Bargetto
- "Bittersweet" (dance theater) - performer | Director and choreographer: Yvette Boszik
- "The Comptroller of Gogol" - role: Korobkin / Derjimorda | Director: Laszlo Suba
- "Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare "- dancer | Director: Paul Bargetto | Choreographer: Milidi Tataru
- "Gypsy Camp" - role: "Taribu" | Director and choreographer: Beatrice Rancea
"Mr. Wilde "- performer | Director: Bogdan Caragea | Choreographer: Milidi Tătaru
2003-2004 - employee of Fantasio Theatre, Constanta:
2004 - "Festival Calatis" - Mangalia
2004 - "Music Festival in Mamaia"
2003 - "Ambulance Joy" (vaudeville) choreography: Milidi Tataru - dancer
2003 - Certificate for free profersionist dancer - first soloist of the Minister of Culture
2003-1997 - employee of Valentino Show Production, a private entertainment company

The event for abroad - dancer, choreographer, DJ and Animator Principal for Sports
1993-1996 - employee of the Fantasio Theatre, Constanta - MW .: - Mihai Sorin Vasilescu
1993 - Certificate for free profersionist dancer - first soloist and choreographer of the Minister of Culture

Corina Tiron

Certificate of Type A freelance artist, specialty "Soloist Dancer" issued by the Ministry of Culture, Bucharest.
Modern dance classes with master choreographer Gigi Marian Osol
Ballet classes with: Calin Hantiu, Delia Hantiu, Betty Lux and Sergiu Cotorobaiu.
Courses: Hip-Hop, Jazz and Afro Jam with Bachia Richmond.
Courses: Jazz and Contemporary Dance with Cristian Osol.
Flamenco courses, supported by ballet dancers of the Fantasio Theatre, Constanta.
Latino and contemporary courses with a graduate of the Academy of Dance 'Martha Graham' in England.
Locking and Poppin Workshops with: Poppin 'John Hilty & Bosch, Mr Wiggles, U-Min, Funky Fresh Titans.
Workshops with the best dance bands in the world: Poreotix, Shit Kingz, BoxnCuttuz.
Lyrical and Hip Hop Jazz Workshops with: Mariel, Keon Madrid, Shaun Evaristo, Andrew Baterina.
House and Voguing Workshops with: Tatsuo Yoshie and Archie Burnett, Robert and Emil.
Stomp Workshop: Khalid.
Hip-Hop Workshops with: Bam Martin, Lyle Beniga, Moon, Genil.

EXPERIENCE in choreography:
TOTAL DANCE SHOW choreographer of the band.
Choreographer and artistic designer of the following events:
- Do You Speak Dance
- Dance of Life
- Dance Around the World
- Born from a boombox
- Give Joy
Collaborations with artists from different fields:
- Doru Octavian Dumitru - show "shaving foam" Palace Hall Bucharest; Romanian seaside tour.
- Marcela Cuzic, fashion designer - in the fashion show choreographed "Charme", "Rapa Nui".
- Mihai Traistariu

Roxana Gurau

A graduate of the National College of Arts "Queen Mary" Constanta, Choreography section.
Professional Qualification:

Certificate "Instructor Choreographer" issued by the Ministry of National Education
Student at the Faculty of Arts Specialization: Performing Arts (Choreography), University Ovidius.
Modern dance classes with master choreographer Gigi Marian Osol
Gymnastics classes with Remus and Daniela Nicolai, both champions in aerobics
Dance classes with Magda Martinescu
Classic Dance with Xenis Roxana Oprea, Lisa Seceleanu, Camelia Radu, Eva Spirescu, Mihalache Voichita
Contemporary dance with Xenis Roxana Oprea, Carmen Chile, Valentina Paduraru Ilinca
Character Dance-Camelia Radu Calin Hantiu
Romanian folk dance classes with Silvia Mitroi
Belly Dance classes with Elina Contemporary Sandkvist
Calin Hanţiu classical dance duet with Mikhail Mandrutiu
Argentine tango classes with Carmen Radu
Workshop Genil Hasim & Dragos Cristian (choreographers of the show "Dancing")
Hip Hop Workshop with Hammer
Hip Hop Workshop with Mr. Pietro Froiio
Workshop with Simona Mereu & Dancehall Legend & Dhaf Sir Akato & Vybz Connexion Crew & Alexa (Soul Army)
Workshop African Mircea Ecxarcu
Ballet Workshop with Eugenia Morosanu (artistic Direttore at Fondazione Città di Danza nella Regional Arts Ancona)
Contemporary Dance Workshop with Deborah Barontini (Compagnia della singer VisBallet)
Hip-Hop Workshop with Prey Afadu Kekuru
Singing lessons: Mihaela Mikhailovich, Dumitru Lupu
Piano lessons with Stefan Cecilia
Acting lessons with Geo Dobre, Daniela Hanţiu
Fashion design classes with Liliana Cornille

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE certified as a dancer:
02/06/2016 - Gala "Do you speak Dance ?! "
19.02.2016 - ESDU Bucharest Contest 2016: First Place Senior Ballet Group, First Place Senior Group Contemporary, Contemporary Duet First Place
03/05/2016 - World Cup Dance Competition "Bucharest: First Place Senior Group Contemporary, Contemporary Duet First Place
31/03/2016 - choreographer: "Hades and Persephone" - A legend of shadow and light!
24/11/2015 - Doru Octavian Dumitru "shaving foam" Palace Hall Bucharest
06/05/2015 - Gala "Do u speak Dance"
06.03.2015 - ESDU Bucharest Contest - First Place Ballet group, I place thematic dance, contemporary duet second place, third place group
06/28/2014 - Total Dance Center Gala "Give Joy"
12.13.2013 - "International Festival of Pop Music interpretation Remember" edition IXa
01/11/2013 - Marcela Cuzic, fashion designer, fashion show, "Rapa Nui"
02/05/2013 - Gala Total Dance Center "Kids for kids"
04/09/2013 - TV Show "Be Antena"
03/22/2013 - choreographer: "Bayadera" "Don Quixote" - Ludwig Minkus music
2012.12.14 - "International Festival of Pop Music: Remember interpretation" of Advil edition
2012.04.03 - choreographer: "Coppelia" Leo Delibes music
2011.05.10 - choreographer: ballet "Firebird" - Igor Stravinsky music
2011.04.01 - choreographer: "Bayadera" "Don Quixote" - Ludwig Minkus music
2010.12.05 - Doru Octavian Dumitru "shaving foam" Palace Hall Bucharest and the Romanian seaside tour
2010.06.25 - "Dance of Life"
2010.06.03 - choreographer: ballet "Petrushka" - Igor Stravinsky music
2010.06.04 - "Dance Around the World"
2009.08.21 - National Contest "Nymphea Dance" Oradea
2009.08.07 - TV Show "The big challenge"
2009.07.31 - international salsa festival Mamaia
2009.03.20 - choreographer "Fete de la Francophonie", "Giselle", music Adolph Adam
2009.03.09 - Olympics of music and choreography (county phase) - Prize
2008.09.06 - TV Show "Beach Party"
2008.09.02 - TV Show "House of the Sea"
2008.08.15 - International Salsa Festival Mamaia
2008.06.15 - TV Show "Dancing"
2008.04.31 - National Contest "Contest Downtown street" - First place


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