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You can help us fulfill our projects and our future plans by becoming our sponsor. If your company has paid income tax, you can sponsor under the law, the regulations of the Art. 21, paragraph 4, letter p, Tax Code, and the amount that you provide is subtracted directly from tax owed by the Romanian country. You can either decide how to use some of the money that you will pay at your year-end for the State. We can offer in exchange promotion to your company's brand, advertising materials, equipment and social networks of the Association.

Organizational Sponsor: helps support our activity, per general.

Sponsorization of a project: financial sustain one of our projects: Total Dance Center Total Show Production, Total Art Photography, Video Production Total which gives joy and passion for art.

Sponsor a particular program within a project: you can support one of the team's performance, to facilitate the growth of the training level through participation in competitions, workshops and camps in order to easily obtain the costumes for stage and the dance equipment. You can  also sponsor charitable programs designed for disadvantaged children of the town, etc.

Sponsor the annual events that we organize: shows, galas, parties, flash mobs, thematic artistic performances, workshops, etc.

The amount donated by companies are deducted directly from income tax if the following conditions are met:

* Not exceed 20% of the profit tax due;
* They are within 0.3% of turnover.
* Sponsorships expenses that exceed this threshold may be booked as non-deductible expenses.

So you can make a sponsorship without costing you anything!

What do you have to do?

Everything happens in two simple steps:


We invite you to know us and to talk more detailed about our projects. We also provide you the chance to see our headquarters, to present  you to the rest of the people, our teams and our entire business performance, so you can see all our results so far. Contact: Corina Tiron - 0735 518 551.
* After this we can sign a sponsorship contract


By year-end, the company pays the amount stipulated in the contract through a regular payment which will be booked, just like any other expense. On collection of tax by the State, this amount will be deducted from the total payment.
Unicredit Tiriac Bank
RON: RO03 BACX 0000 0009 1864 4001
EUR: RO73 BACX 0000 0009 1864 4002
USD: 0000 0009 1864 4003 RO46 BACX
branch Constanta
 * Wie will make you well-know and appreciated in the community
* You will get the chance to participate in the solvation of the problems faced by those around you.
* It allows you to promote your business by placing your logo on advertising materials, equipment, etc.
* It will bring a sense of personal satisfaction for you and for your employees
* It gives you the chance to give something back to the community you rely on to build your business
Thank you for the support that you provide in this case.


Art. 21, paragraph 4, letter p, Fiscal Code:

p) expenses of sponsorship and / or patronage and private expenditure on scholarships, granted by law; Taxpayers making sponsorship and / or patronage, according to Law no. 32/1994 regarding sponsorship, with subsequent modifications and Law libraries no. 334/2002, republished, with subsequent amendments, and those private scholarships under the law, deduct from income tax related amounts due in the minimum limit specified below:

3 ‰ of the turnover;
20% of the tax due.

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