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It's a chance to join the Total Dance Center concept, even if you're at the beginning!

Do you wonder what an apprentice is?

This is an energy-filled person, keen to learn, togain some skills, so that in the future he can become a member of Total Dance Center. He/ she must enjoy music, dance and movement, and every moment he/ she must be ready to learn something new. Do not forget that he/ she must be ambitious, willing for good results that only come over hard work.

How is going to be the activity of the apprentice?

He will have a volunteer status when he / she will walk into the Total Dance Center world, the length of time he / she will have it will depend on his / her abilities, but also on the seriousness and involvement he / she will prove. Throughout this period our apprentice will study, will be formed and trained for its future career. He will be constantly guided by professionals, so his only mission will be keeping pace with our rhythm.

What will happen after this volunteer period?

The training will be permanently evaluated to know exactly where he is located with each step that he will promote. So, when he proves he deserves to join the team, he will achieve his status as an employee and he will be able to continue his career within Total Dance Center. Practically everything depends on his desire and will to embrace a future career and join the best professionals.

How can an apprentice join this concept?

He can apply for an interview at office@total-dance-center.ro and we will contact him for a future interview. Without fear, he must come full of positivity, desire and energy.

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