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Our dance center is focused on transforming passion for dance into an activity based on the desire to inspire others to fall in love with the one and only activity that can make you feel better because of the moves, rythm and music. We are always looking for beautiful and free spirited people who are in love with dancing and who are ready to embrace it as a daily activity. It is said that if you find a job that you like, you will not have to work a day in your life.

What we want from you?

To have artistic inclination and the ability to socialize :)

What do we offer?

We provide training for the following jobs, with employment after finishing it.

  • Animator in the band Total Entertainment - animator for kids, animator adults
  • dance instructor for children from kindergarten
  • dance instructor
  • dancer for shows in the band Total Dance Show
  • promoter
  • P.R.

What should you do?

Apply for the interview with a CV at the address

After the interview we will find out if you are applying for a potential job. Do not worry, it will be a friendly conversation about ... you

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